She Tries Her Tongue, Her Silence Softly Breaks by M Nourbese Philip

The name for this blog was borrowed from a poem by M Nourbese Philip which is published in a collection of poetry by the same title.  Before I even read the poem, the name captured something within my spirit. This site emerged from a newfound acceptance in my role as a storyteller.  So when considering names, this title felt so right.

she tries her tongue, her silence softly breaks by M. Nourbese Philip

the me and mine of parents
the we and us of brother and sister
the tribe of belongings small and separate,
when gone…
on these exact places of exacted grief
i placed mint-fresh grief coins
sealed the eyes with certain and final;
in such an equation of loss tears became
a quantity of minus.
with the fate of a slingshot stone
loosed from the catapult pronged double with history
and time on a trajectory of hurl and fling
to a state active with without and unknown
i came upon a future biblical with anticipation

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