Amandla’s 2011 Recommended Holiday Gift Guide!!!

***[NOTE: This post was featured in the December 22nd, 2011 Sway Magazine Online Article, Think Outside of the Gift-Giving Box]****

This post is inspired by the “Favourite Things” episodes Oprah used to do (yes, I do love Oprah) and a recent Facebook Status made by my friend Kim Crosby encouraging people to support community artists when shopping for the holidays.  I am borrowing some of Kim’s ideas plus adding a few goodies of my own based on the amazing experiences I have had and artists I have connected with over the past year (and change).  It is a blessing to say that I know and am connected to each of the spaces, businesses and artists on this list.

Whether you are looking for a majestic signature art piece for the bestie that just moved into his new spot, self-help tips for that rebellious teenage niece, a quirky statement accessory for your off-the-wall homegirl, burlesque classes for the aunt who suppressed secret dreams of being a dancer or music to add to a personalized mixtape for a loved one…i feel like this list has something for you!

Included in this Image: Stolen from Africa t-shirt, Lost Lyrics Revolution Street Mixtape, San Myguel Mixtape, Quentin Vercetty print "Tikar Elder", One Day Soon by Ian Kamau, Be More Than Just a Dime by Odeen Eccleston and Africa ring by New Nostalgia

What do these all share in common? Everything on this list is connected to the Tdot, they are all rooted in communities I identify with, and they all emanate beautiful energy in some form or another 🙂


Odeen Eccleston's Self-Published Self-Help Book "Be More than Just a Dime"


Without Further Adieu by Ashton Martin





Burlesque Classes with Dainty Smith


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2 responses to “Amandla’s 2011 Recommended Holiday Gift Guide!!!

  1. Since creating this list, there a couple of other suggestions that didn’t come to mind originally but I definitely want to add on (and have been kicking myself for not originally including because I actually am a serious fan of both of these individuals):
    1. Saidah Baba Talibah’s album (S)Cream which can be found here:
    2. Amai Kuda’s album which I’m not sure where to find but you can hear the music at: 🙂

  2. SAN MYGUEL: THE MIXTAPE can be found at
    (if the link’s not working)

    holiday price special

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