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Here are links to some select works published by CBC Arts, Intermission Magazine and Bitch Flicks:

To All the Rom-Coms I’ve Loved Before: Your Leading Men Are Trash

The Real Jane and Finch: Freedom Fridayz Capture the True Spirit of a Stigmatized Community

Why Esmaa Mohamoud is Bringing Blackness and Basketball into the Gallery


I Spent My 20’s Working with Toronto Youth, and Today’s Gun Violence Conversations Feel Like Deja Vu

How Scandal Changed My World – and Opened Doors for Black Women Everywhere

For This Activist, Art is a Lifeline – And a Way to Cope with Personal and Generational Trauma


The Poet, The DJ and The Stage

History Called it a Riot, But this Doc Argues it was Actually an Uprising – One that Continues Today

What if Hamlet Were a Woman? This Theatre Company Dares to Ask Why Not


He’s One of Toronto’s First Great Hip Hop Radio Stars – and Also One of it’s Last


Capturing the Soundscape of Toronto

Dystopian Non-Fiction: Why One Playwright is Telling the Story of Her Family’s Escape from Dictatorship


In Just Two Editions, This Festival of Black Art Changed Canada’s Cultural Landscape

7 African-Canadian Female Filmmakers You Need to Know


This Toronto Artist is Remixing Street Dance with Filipino Tradition


3 Buses of Toronto Artists Were Held at the Border En Route to Obama’s Inauguration – And I Was There


How One Play Inspired a New Guide for Bringing Deaf Artists and Audiences to the Theatre


How One Google Search Proved We Need to Pay Attention to Canada’s Black History More than Ever


Masculinity and ‘Moonlight’: Eight Black Men Dissect Barry Jenkins’ Momentous Film


This Powerful Film Moves Beyond the Statistics to Show the Human Cost of Gun Violence


How a Toronto Writing Group Opened the Doors for Queer and Trans Caribbean Writers


Eight Black Canadian Women Dissect Beyonce’s Lemondae


Remixing the Classroom: The Great Potential of Hip Hop Education


How A Different Booklist Changed Toronto (and not only through books)


Rajni Perera’s Stunning Sci-Fi Neo-Amazonians – in Pictures

Mother with Gun by Rajni Perera

88 Days of Fortune Collectively Changed Toronto Hip Hop. Has it’s Luck Run Out?


With The Mirror Ball, World Stage 2016 Makes Room for Ballroom


How Three Writers of Colour Stormed 2015’s Major Literary Prizes


Searching for Canadian Film’s Black Radical Imagination


How Youth Non-Profit The Remix Project Kickstarted a Revolution in the 6


The Making of a Caribbean-Canadian Sci-Fi: ‘Brown Girl in the Ring’