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Black Girl Thriving Tools (Short List) By Kyisha Williams

This list was written by my beautiful friend Kyisha Williams and I asked her permission to share it here because I thought it was all kinds of brilliant:

*the following is written with black girls/womyn/femmes in mind, but I’m sure lots will be applicable to many different people. these are just some of the things that continue to help me and the people i love.

*eat something alive each day (something raw-almonds, veggies) alive things have wonderful and different vibrational energy than cooked food or meat (and these things are still yummy too)

*think of every interaction with anyone and anything as a dialogue with self and the universe. Always focus on realizing the learnings of your experiences (whether you experience them as “good” or “bad”, reflect on why you magnetized those things to you and how you continue or discontinue to attract/magnetize those things or feelings **this is not to say you deserve it or should feel guilty at all)

*think of challenges as the opportunity to see your resilience, brilliance and strength. always.

*study the power of melanin (and the miraculous ‘everyday’ functions of your body)

* remember that all you have to do is live and you will shine like the gold that you are (recognize your magic).

*divorce scarcity logic and embrace the reality of abundance (there is enough for you/everyone)

*create a joy list (a list of things that bring you joy/make you feel happy) do at least one thing on that list every day

*create an appreciation list, as often as you want (i write a couple things a day) what you appreciate multiplies!!!

*Thank yourself for being the miracle called life-thank your body for working the way you want it to (instead of only noticing your body parts when they hurt)

*get to know your emotions and feelings, both easy and hard (learn what you fear, have a relationship with your anger, what brings you joy (as mentioned earlier), what brings tears), get clear about how you work!

* understand that we only ever experience/live in this moment

“we can use this pressure of trauma to transform ourselves…pressure creates the diamond” – Brother Panic

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