T-Dot Renaissance

TDR Artists

T-Dot Renaissance represents a group of emerging and interdisciplinary artists, working and rooted in Toronto. Emerging from the successful staging of Amanda Parris’ theatrical production, 32C, this group of artists became inspired to further collaborate, by putting together interactive and interdisciplinary installations which would see their collaboration reach new depths. This collaborative project intends to be the launching point of a movement, a wave of cultural and artistic collaborations for this generation of emerging artists: Toronto’s own renaissance reminiscent of the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s and 30s.


  • Play Dates and Summer Film Series (2013)
  • Poetry is Not a Luxury Series (2012)
  • Diasporic Journeys Multi-Arts Installation (2011)
  • Elders Dinner (2011)

The Artists:

Amanda Parris (Founder), Colanthony Humphrey, Natasha Daniel, Neil “Logik” Donaldson, Nadijah Robinson, Quentin Vercetty, Nayani Thiyagarajah, Kim Katrin Milan, Mohanza “Obie” Kelly, Muginga Antonio, Myk Miranda, Ciel Lauren, Keisha-Monique Simpson, David Delisca, Kemba King, Alana Lowe, Kyauna Clarke, Kayla Carter, Jamiena Shah, Alix Muyoti, Anika Jarrett, Ania Soul


  • Ontario Arts Council Multi and Integrated Arts Grant (2011)

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