The Ride or Die Project

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The Ride or Die Project is a multi-platform project  inspired by the stories of women who have lived their lives by a ride-or-die philosophy.

The Play

Other Side of the Game is a play by Amanda Parris

World Premiere: October 14th – November 5th | Buy tickets HERE

Other Side of the Game exists at the intersection of an activist urgency that defined North America in the 70’s and the contemporary era’s raw and unapologetic Hip Hop generation.  At the centre stands the women who in organizing communities, protecting loved one’s and battling institutions live(d) by a ride-or-die philosophy.  These are women for whom freedom is inextricably connected to the people they love. Other Side of the Game is a research-informed theatre play that is largely inspired by the numerous interviews that have been conducted with individuals in Toronto and Halifax.  The author acknowledges these individuals for sharing their stories and providing the foundation for the inspiration of this work.

Production History:

  • Reading at Oakwood Library Theatre (2015)
  • Reading at the rock paper sistahz Festival (2014)
  • Reading at The Piece of Mine Festival (2013)

Development History:

  • Amanda was the 2016 Playwright-in-Residence at Cahoots Theatre and was a participant for 2 years of Cahoots Theatre’s Hot House Playwrights Program


  • 2015 Canada Council for the Arts Playwright-in-Residency
  • 2014 Toronto Arts Council Individual Playwrights Grant Recipient
  • 2013 Michaelle Jean Foundation Bursary
  • 2013 Ontario Arts Council Theatre Projects Grant Recipient

The Merchandise

The Ride or Die Project sells t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies featuring visual illustrations inspired by the stories of women who have lived their lives by a ride-or-die philosophy.  Our online store will be launching in spring 2015.

The Blog

The purpose of The Ride or Die Project Blog is to create a channel of communication, archiving and sharing of stories primarily by and about self-identified women who live by a ride-or-die philosophy. Contributors submit essays, interviews, op-eds, stories, poetry, plays, critical reviews, vlogs and visual art.

Blog Posts by Amanda Parris:

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