The Death Doula

In a near future world where the date of one’s death is predicted by an app, a death doula is tasked with helping his first love reach her final hour.

Directed by Amanda Parris and Lucius Dechausay

Written by Amanda Parris

Starring Andy McQueen, Bahia Watson, Jennifer Podemski, Joseph Jomo Pierre, Jalon Anthony Gregory

Produced by Mercedes Grundy, Lucius Dechausay, Amanda Parris and Peter Knegt

Editors: Lucius Dechausay and Gloria Tong

Director of Photography: Dave Lam

Wardrobe Stylist: Vanessa Magic

Production Design: Muginga Antonio

Makeup: Truth Miller

Script Supervisor: Lise Hosein

Sound Mixer: Reza Dahya

Production Assistant: Kerey “Miles” Walcott