Rhymes to Re-Education

Rhymes to Re-Education Flyer

Amanda Parris was a steering committee member and core curriculum writer for Rhymes to Re-Education: A Hip Hop Curriculum.

The goal of Rhymes to Re-Education: A Hip Hop Curriculum is to mobilize the power, popularity and potential of Hip Hop culture as a platform for transformative education and re-education. Intended as a resource for both school- and community-based educators, it describes the what, why and how of using Hip Hop pedagogy to engage and activate the hearts and minds of learners ages 4 and up.The strategies, lessons and activities have been designed for learners to explore their own identities and those of others, along with issues of power and privilege, all while meeting Ontario Curriculum expectations for grades K-12. They have been shaped by the real-life experiences of the authors, many of their peers and others, with Hip Hop culture as a means of social, spiritual and educational empowerment.

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