Photo by Taiwo Bah. Bus stop by Air King.

32C is a one-woman play by Amanda Parris that explores the baggage that three generations of women accumulate, carry and unpack through their intimate relationships. The play moves across time, borrowing from settings such as the Salem witch trials, the Grenada Revolution and toonie-Tuesday movie nights at Sheridan Mall in Toronto.  The audience is invited to ride on the 32C Eglinton West bus as a triptych of stories reveal the ways masks are constructed, armour is tightened and baggage is carried and passed on.

Development History:

  • 2014 De Colores Playwright-in-Residence at Alameda Theatre
  • 2009-2010 artist-in-residence at anitafrika dub theatre (now called Yemoya International Artist Residency)

Production History:

  • 2014 reading at the De Colores Festival of New Works
  • 2011 Workshop presentation at the Festival of Original Theatre
  • 2010 workshop presentation at the word sound powah festival
  • 2010 workshop presentation at the audre lorde festival
  • 2009 reading at the mikey smith raw works festival

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