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After procrastinating for way too long I finally uploaded the footage from my session of In Conversation with…and now I am finally (after procrastinating again) sharing it with folks beyond the very few who are subscribed to my YouTube channel. It is a pretty long talk and so I broke it down into chapters with a short synopsis describing what I am talking about in each chapter. I have also put them into a playlist so you can watch from beginning to end if you so choose.

Just a re-cap on the event itself:

On Monday, September 15th, 2014 Manifesto in partnership with Cultural Hotspot: Next presented a session of “In Conversation with…” Featuring Amanda Parris and hosted by Tina Khan at R.I.S.E Poetry

Part 1 – In this section I discuss the start of my educational experience

Part 2 – In this segment, I discuss the creation of R.O.O.T.S. and Lost Lyrics

Part 3 – In this section I discuss my academic research and experiences as a Visiting Scholar at NYU.

Part 4 – In this section I discuss The Ride or Die Project.

Part 5 – In this section I discuss artivism, mentorship and Rhymes to Re-Education

Part 6 – In this section I discuss pop culture.

Part 7 – In this section, I respond to Q&A

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